The Pillowslip™
A Creaseless Wrinkle-Free Pillowcase

Adrienne Skillington saw the need for a product to protect a woman's face from being imprinted with pillow crease impressions. While these marks are only temporary, they are difficult to hide and over the years take longer to disappear in the morning.

After much experimentation and testing, Adrienne developed the Pillowslip™

On 4 February 1992 she was awarded United States Patent 5,084,928 for the invention.

The Pillowslip™ has been sold throughout the United States by a catalog directed exclusively to women. The product is designed for women only (a man's beard will quickly damage the fabric).

The Pillowslip is also sold in Facial Salons and Gift Shops.
Should you wish to order direct from us the Mail Order price is $25.00 for Standard, tax and post are included in that price.

We hope you will be pleased with your Pillowslip and awake each morning to a younger look.

United States Patent 5,084,928

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